A1. Fresh Spring Roll
Filled with shrimp, chicken, noodles, bean sprouts, carrot, cilantro, lettuce. Served with peanut sauce.
 A2. Spring Roll (chicken or vegetable)
(Deep-fried) Chicken, carrot, celery, clear noodle, garlic, and white pepper wrapped with spring roll wrapper and served with sweet sauce.
 A3. Egg Roll (pork)  
 A4. Lotus Won Ton
Imm. Crab meat with creamed cheese deep fried in a Won Ton wrapper.
 A5. Satay Gai
Chicken marinated in coconut milk with curry and other spices then grilled. Served with cucumbers and peanut sauce.
 A6. Fried Tofu
Served with cucumber sauce.
 A7. Chicken Dumplings
Steamed dumplings filled with seasoned chicken, bamboo shoots, carrots, green peas, topped with crispy garlic and served with special sauce.
 A8. Goong’ Hom Pah
Deep fried marinated shrimp in a spring roll wrapper; served with sweet and sour sauce.